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Sign-Ups Status: Open

Sign-Up Count: 4

Sign-Up End Date: TBA

How do I sign up for TEKNO?

TEKNO is a competition that requires some effort, so it's best to follow the steps below to have a wonderful journey as a Teknian!

Step I: Check if sign-ups are open

As TEKNO is a competition that takes a non-zero amount of time, this competition will spend a lot of time with closed sign-ups. However, the sign-ups are currently open, with a good chance of it not closing for a while, so now's your best chance!

Step II: Follow sign up rules

The rules to sign up are:

Here's an example signup:


Name: Isosceles Triangley

Pronouns: They/Them

Likes: Good things

Dislikes: Bad things

Notes: very very tiny at only ten cubic acres

Step III: Wait

Just wait and pray to god that you'll get in!

Rate the Sign-Ups!

DM me your ratings of each sign-up on a scale from one to five! This will help decide who gets in and who doesn't.

Name: If True
Made by: Sparka64
Website: https://iftrue-tekno.neocities.org/

Name: Fox Mask
Made by: Void49
Website: N/A

Name: Lenny Face
Made by: GabeTheory
Website: https://shootingstarobjectcamp.neocities.org/

Name: TSRRCRBG (Triangle Square Rectangle Rhombus Circle Rat Bell Guy)
Made by: YourLocalChickenLeg
Website: https://tsrrcrbg.neocities.org/